Woman, 20, games for 40 hours and nearly dies

As it turns out, Mum was right: we should take a break from games and walk around.

A 20-year-old Chinese woman almost died of deep vein thrombosis after a mammoth 40 hour gaming marathon, as a result of sitting still for an extended period.

Kotaku reports that the avid gamer was taken to hospital after complaining of leg soreness, where she underwent surgery.

DVT causes blood to clot in the deep vein of the leg, causing pain. It can become lethal if part of the clot breaks off, travels through the blood stream and blocks vital organs such as the heart of lungs.

Nicknamed "Traveler’s Thrombosis" it's normally associated with long-haul flights.


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Makra K:25479 30/04/2013
Aww wanted to know what game she played for that long! WoW? SC2? LoL?
Tyrus K:59545 30/04/2013
Just... why? Why play that much? Such an unnecessary trial.
Makra K:25479 30/04/2013
Wow, just read the Kotaku article and it is horribly written. [sick]
Loupek K:15294 30/04/2013
Meh, not the first, won't be the last
Guyver K:476298 30/04/2013

Makra said: Aww wanted to know what game she played for that long! WoW? SC2? LoL?

It's got to be one of those addict games for sure.
KeyDriell K:2265 30/04/2013
How can people sit so still for that long. I have to move my legs or stretch them at least every hour, much longer than that and i just become too restless and go check if the fridge has magically refilled with food.
mordillo K:12962 30/04/2013
She's an idiot.
MoeMan K:56335 30/04/2013
wonder what she played!
coconut1z K:722 30/04/2013
What keyboard is in that picture? Probably LoL yeah
PS3sR2Dear K:685 30/04/2013
40hrs meh, get a more comfortable chair.
Leasha K:107514 30/04/2013
How did she not need to get up and pee?

I get up to pee like every hour..
Aeschylus K:4887 01/05/2013
Weak, went 3 days then blacked out... damn korean/chinese people dieing gives everyone a bad name.
mikepatton K:136 01/05/2013
Wow, those whacky Chinese really get into their games, huh? Have there been any deaths attributed to marathon gaming sessions outside of Asian countries? With the exception of "Bezerk", of course.
Pact K:21951 01/05/2013

Makra said: Aww wanted to know what game she played for that long! WoW? SC2? LoL?

Farmville 2 in 3D!
MCpreditor K:547 01/05/2013
Oh lol, just read the summary and thought, Chinese.


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