Killer Instinct set for a revival: Microsoft, FOX agree to copyright terms

Killer Instinct, the popular '90s fighting series made by the Donkey Kong Country team at Rare (remember them?) is reportedly being readied for a revival.

Microsoft had reportedly been planning to bring the fighting series back, but a copyright claim by FOX television had made things difficult.

A crime series by the same name appeared on Fox Network back in 2005, but only 13 episodes were commissioned.

Initially Microsoft's claim to use the trademark had been shot down in court because “consumers are likely to be confused and mistakenly believe that the respective goods and services emanate from a common source.”

In other words, people are apparently too dumb to differentiate between a crap crime show no one cared about, and a fighting game no one's cared about for over a decade.

But alas! There now appears to be a "coexistence" agreement between Microsoft and FOX, allowing the company to use the trademark wherever it sees fit. The contract doing the rounds is signed and dated March 28, 2013 by assistant secretaries at both FOX and Microsoft.

The original source of the signed agreement has since been removed, but the trusty folk over at NeoGAF still have it live and viewable.

What do you think? Is Microsoft planning a Killer Instinct revival?

By Gaetano Prestia


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kartophile K:2020 05/04/2013
Was a grand button masher. Hopefully a remake will see the light of day and do it justice. Fulgore ahead I say ^_^
Silence K:89137 05/04/2013
Sabrewulf forever, Fulgore never
Kerosanak K:92937 05/04/2013
Glacius for life!
McQueen K:11915 06/04/2013
*Sabrewulf* owwwwwwwwwwwwl [Derp]
Matteh K:163230 06/04/2013
Pilkingbod K:101515 06/04/2013
That shape-shifter metal guy!
Kamon62 K:11553 08/04/2013
Spinal will rattle all your bones.
Guyver K:476298 08/04/2013

Pilkingbod said: That shape-shifter metal guy!


I prefer Fulgore.


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